Platinum 6 Promotional Program

We think of a promotional product, not as a product but in terms of an end-to-end program that we provide and manage for our clients. In saying that, we adhere to six basic principles that differentiate us in terms of our promotional products programs.

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Objective & Strategy

As a company we really first and foremost try to understand your business, try understand your goals and your strategies. That includes your marketing goals, your employee motivation goals, etc. We are about the end result. To accomplish this we must have a clear picture of the goals to score success.

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Innovative Products

We don’t sell the standard pens, shirts and backpacks like everyone else. We employ the latest designs based upon the state-of-the-art fashion trends, aesthetics and personas.

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Brand Consistency

You spend a lot of money developing your brand’s recognition. We preserve its integrity by providing high-quality products through our graphic identity program.

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Technology Driven

Why not put your promotional products online so everyone your company values has easy access to the relevant products available. Your employees can access the online store and buy shirts and mugs for themselves, friends and loved ones. Your salespeople and network of dealers can order all the logo gear and swag they need to promote your products.

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Inventory Management

You don’t want the hassles, headache and incurred expenses of warehousing the promotional items you buy. Besides, you never know if you will have the right amount you need. Our job is take over and handle this cumbersome, time consuming task.

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Budget Control

How do you know your promotional product budget is being spent by the right people for the right reasons? Through our online platform you can control every dollar that is spent and analyze who has spent it. Our advanced reporting provides comprehensive drill-down usage statistics.

We Understand The Point Of Promotional Products!